AGD Alto MKII Reference Preamplifier

$ 4,999$ 7,999 + Tax
  • Fully Balanced Phono preamplifier stage with MM & MC cartridges support (selection via Menu and Remote control) and with dedicated ultra-low noise linear power supply and ultra-low noise linear professional grade amplifiers stage.
  • Analog boards fully shielded and separated from digital boards to deliver the lowest possible noise and prevent any undesired interference.
  • High Dynamic low noise professional grade instrumentational amplifier stages for the output buffer stage (configurable as bi-amp X-Over upon request).
  • Fully balanced design and full DC coupling (no capacitors in line with analog signals).
  • Three Analog inputs with one balanced input (XLR).
  • 8bit fully balanced passive Ladder volume control.
  • Three analog outputs (for multi-amplification solutions.
  • Optional digital input board with R2R DAC and Streamer
  • 1 XLR balanced output (6.4VRMS max)
  • 1 Single-ended output (Full Range)
  • 1 Single-ended with optional SUB or HT bypass or high frequency pass filter output.
  • Remote control.
  • 12V output Trigger.

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Black, Satin

Buffer Output

Sub Out, HT Pass Through, Hi-Pass Filter


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