GaNTube Global Dealers

While AGD continues to maintain a direct sales policy to help keeping the price to the end user more affordable, we realized that we had to help many Audiophiles around the world that are looking forward to a local support in order to experience the magic of the GaNTube sound.

These are the unique global dealers AGD has chosen to partner with.

All of them became our friends immediately after they listened the GanTube sound, and they share with us the same passion and the same intent to serve the growing community of Audiophiles and music lovers that are intrigued by the AGD unique GaNTube technology.


Mike Powell

Tel. +1 404-764-6233

Atlanta, GA. USA



Cristian Clobus

Avance Audio

5 rue Duhamel

69002 Lyon


Tel. +33 04 27 11 84 33
Fax : +33 04 27 11 84 35


Raymond Lam


Kowloon, Hong Kong
+852 9522 7622