Defining your artistic sensibilities.
Review By Dr. Michael Bump

“The AGD DUETs anchored a truly stunning aural experience, retaining perfect control of image and musical energy regardless of amplitude through continued listening sessions. In essence, and with every reference example, I found the DUETs to be a key conduit to the soul of the recorded musician.
Of particular significance to the presentation was the absence of any mediating presence between the musical experience and myself. There was never a sense of ‘vehicle’ that was transporting me. To be entirely cliché, I was there at the live event, with all the trimmings of space, dimensionality, organicity, transiency, and placement that come with the experience. Music lifted by the DUETs was not only a re-creation of the performance event, but wholistically an authentification of the moment, in a manner only a true re-generator of live music can offer.”

AGD DUET GaN-Power Monoblock Amplifier Review.