AGD Productions […] manufactures some excellent-sounding electronics that are not quite what they claim to be. The casual audiophile spots a small metal box with a single vacuum tube emerging from the top surface and, assuming it’s a low-output single-ended amplifier, asks innocently, “How many watts?” When the answer comes back as “200” or “400,” there are some very confused looks sent in the direction of designer Alberto Guerra. It turns out that the “tube” in view isn’t a tube at all but, rather, a small Class D amplifier operating inside a glass enclosure fabricated to look like a KT 88. It even glows, thanks to LED technology. The least expensive of the AGD amplifiers is the new Tempo stereo amplifier ($5500), a 200Wpc model that actually doesn’t display the fake tube.

“Guerra played a recent Beethoven symphony recording by Jordi Savall, and the amp rendered the bracing period instrument sonorities and dynamic pointing to perfection.

“With the AGD Tempo stereo amplifier providing the juice, this was a refined yet gutsy system”

Best Sound for the Money: The AGD Audion MkII ($7500). These are the diminutive monoblocks just above the new stereo model from the standpoint of price in the manufacturer’s line of amplifier (see above.) It sounds great and you get to see the faux tubes.”

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