Mike Powell interviews Alberto Guerra 

Today I have guest Alberto Guerra of AGPD Production, a HiFi company that designs some of the most cutting edge technology in our industry today. We will be talking about their unique GaN FET technology which uses proprietary GaN output devices that are proprietary and happen to currently be the ONLY GaN MOSFETS designed for audio. This means every other company making GaN amps are using devices optimized for Lidar or Radar and in the cheapest most plentiful version, battery chargers.This makes a difference and is why the AGD sound is so unique. Also we talk about the AGD DAC/PRE which utilized a proprietary R2R Chip DAC that nobody else has, as well as an amazing clever high pass filter for integrating the sub in a much smarter manner than any other company is currently doing, if you see this feature adopted, remember, it started with AGD So AGD is a HiFi innovator, look for this when choosing a brand. AGD not only designs their own circuit layout, they design their component parts. This is few and far between in HiFi where everybody picks from the same parts bin, and just lays them out differently. The difference in sonic is obvious. This is a new listening experience. its compact in size yet sounds every bit as good and better then any giant many separates type system