AGD Andante Preamplifier And Vivace Monoblocks
AGD’s Andante and Vivace will transport you to the musical venue.
Review By Rick Becker

With the Vivace and The Audion monoblocks, you have compact, cool-running amps that will drive most speakers in most reasonable size rooms while contributing style that should make their owners proud….they bring Class D amplification into the upper echelon of high-end audio.

These three products I’ve reviewed from AGD represent a mature and learned approach to high-end audio that belies the brief time they have been on the market. It is no surprise that Alberto Guerra is Italian by birth.

His amps are not examples of form following function, but of form exuding the passion of their designer, all in pursuit of a commanding musical experience for the listener.

The resolution, transparency, and dynamics they bring to the event creates a musical presence that is difficult to ignore.

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